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What Is Good for Burns?

Burns are a natural part of life and happen to just about everyone at some point. Whether you’ve developed one from the sun or from an accident with a hot object, there are natural remedies that are good for burns and preventing scarring.

About Burns

Burns occur when high temperatures damage the skin and cause damage of varying degrees. There are several possible causes of burns, including:1

  • Sun exposure
  • Fire
  • Chemicals
  • Steam or hot liquids
  • Electricity
  • Radiation from X-rays
  • Hot objects such as those made from glass or metal

Depending on the severity of the situation, a burn may need minor medical treatment or it may become a life-threatening injury.

The severity of a burn depends on two primary factors:2

  1. The intensity of the heat
  2. The length of time your skin is exposed to the heat

Skin exposed to high-intensity heat for a long period of time will result in the most severe level of burn. While lower intensity heat affecting the skin for a brief period will produce a less severe burn.

Burn severity levels are rated in degrees from 1 to 4:1,2

  • First-degree: Superficial burns, such as from a sunburn, affecting the skin’s outer layer (epidermis) causing swelling and pain.
  • Second-degree: Affecting the first and second layers of skin, causing red or white skin splotches and may result in blisters or scarring.
  • Third-degree: A deep burn that reaches the fat below the skin resulting in charred, waxy or leathery looking skin that may even cause nerve damage.
  • Fourth-degree: Similar to third-degree burns and may cause damage to deeper structures such as bones or tendons.

In severe cases, burns can cause terrible complications such as skin infections, hypothermia (low body temperature), difficulty breathing, damage to blood vessels or permanent skin scarring.1

Top Natural Remedies for Burns

Depending on the severity of your burn, there are some natural remedies you can apply to your skin to help nourish the skin and encourage healing. Many of these nourishing skin treatments also help to prevent scarring after a burn.

Some of the best treatments that are good burns and reducing redness, pain and swelling include:

Egg White - Egg whites can be applied directly to burned skin to help cool down the burn, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Eggwhites are also highly nourishing and can help rejuvenate damaged skin.

Aloe Vera - Aloe vera is a classic home remedy for skin burns. Breaking off a piece of aloe leaf and applying the gel substance to burns helps to immediately soothe skin and reduce inflammation. Applying aloe vera regularly to the affected area also reduces the chance of scarring and blistering.

Honey - Honey is a natural antiseptic and skin-soothing remedy that can alleviate swelling and pain. It can also help prevent skin infection from more severe burns.

Aluminum Foil - Covering burned skin in aluminum foil helps to protect the skin from sensitivity and brings down the temperature to help encourage healing.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil applied to burns will provide immediate soothing relief, reduce inflammation and nourish the skin to prevent scarring. It can also be used after the burns have healed to help hydrate the area and restore moisture.