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Vitamins for Hair Health and Growth

Strong, healthy looking hair is not just the result of high-end hair care products and treatments. A lot of hair health has to do with diet and the balance of essential vitamins we consume that are required for strengthening and promoting healthy hair.

For stronger and healthy hair, be sure to incorporate the best vitamins for hair into your diet and supplement routine.

About Vitamins for Hair

You can observe a lot about a person’s health by the appearance of skin, nails and hair. Healthy looking, full and thick hair is often a sign of youthfulness and overall health. However, as we age, our hair can change. Often, hair thins out or becomes weakened. Both men and women suffer from hair loss. In women, changing hormones can cause hair’s appearance to change. In men, male pattern baldness is usually a hereditary condition.1,2

Changes in hair health can directly impact your self-esteem. Hair is very much part of our physical appearance and hair loss or thinning hair can cause insecurities about how we look. If you’re looking to improve your hair health, it’s important to consider the underlying causes of hair loss.1,2

Hair loss can happen due to:

  • Lifestyle factors like smoking
  • UV exposure
  • General aging
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Just as any other body part requires essential vitamins and minerals for proper function, so does your hair. Changes to hair such as hair loss and thinning are often tied to nutritional deficiencies. The body requires essential nutrients from food sources in order to grow and repair cells in the body. If your diet isn't rich in certain nutrients or you have a condition preventing you from absorbing nutrients, you may experience symptoms that affect your hair health.1,2

Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing with your hair health include:

  • Hair loss
  • Hair thinning
  • Change in texture such as hair becoming limp and loss in volume
  • Change in overall appearance with loss of shine or dullness
  • Male pattern baldness

Hair health can be strengthened with the right remedies. Certain vitamins and minerals directly impact cell growth, including the cells and tissues that make up your hair. Knowing which of these vitamins for hair to add to your diet can help make a big difference in your hair’s appearance.

Best Vitamins for Hair

To improve the look and feel of your strands, be sure you’re getting these vitamins for hair strength and growth:

Vitamin A - Hair cells require vitamin A to grow, including cells that make up the scalp. Vitamin A creates moisture in the scalp, which ensures strands remain strong and healthy.

Vitamin B7 - Vitamin B7, also called biotin, is essential for hair growth and a deficiency in this nutrient can cause hair loss and thinning.

Vitamin C - As an antioxidant vitamin, vitamin C can protect against oxidative stress and can help reverse hair damage.

Vitamin D - Hair loss is linked to a vitamin D deficiency, which plays a seemingly important role in helping to produce new hair follicles.

Vitamin E - Like vitamin C, vitamin E also provides antioxidant support against hair damage caused by oxidative stresses.