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Top Supplements for Gaining Weight

While we’re bombarded with information on how to lose weight, we rarely hear of solutions to help gain weight. But for people who have suffered dramatic weight loss due to an illness, or for those who are just naturally unable to put weight on, not being able to gain weight and maintain it can be a struggle.

Whether you’re underweight because of illness or underlying body changes and lifestyle shifts, there are natural supplements you can take to increase body mass and help you gain and maintain weight.

About Gaining Weight

Unexplained weight loss is a condition in which the person loses weight without trying. While this may seem like a dream scenario for many people, it can actually be an indicator of an underlying medical condition that needs remedying. Unintentional or unexplained weight loss can become serious if it’s also accompanied by malnutrition. Being undernourished happens when the body can’t or won’t absorb enough nutrients, which can lead to muscle loss and general weight loss.1,2

Other factors can cause unintentional weight loss as well, including:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Shifts in diet (such as eating less calories)
  • Digestive problems
  • Taking new medications
  • Declining health with aging

It can be difficult to determine what exactly causes someone to unintentionally lose weight, and it can be even more difficult to explain why some people simply can’t seem to gain weight. Possible underlying conditions leading to weight loss include:

  • Addison’s disease (deficiency in adrenaline production)
  • Celiac disease
  • Crohn’s disease and colitis
  • Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism (over and underactive thyroid)

Sometimes weight loss is temporary while other times it’s chronic. Monitoring your weight and being aware of any lifestyle changes that may be contributing to your weight loss can help you determine the cause and make necessary changes.

Natural Solutions for Gaining Weight

There are natural solutions for helping gain weight if you’ve suffered unintentional weight loss. It’s important to try to gain weight in a healthy and nutritious way, so that you don’t consume unhealthy calories filled with sugars and carbohydrates. Gaining a healthy amount of weight requires an increase in protein and healthy fat intake, not necessarily more calories.

If you’re looking to gain weight, try these natural supplements for gaining weight:

Avocado - Avocados are a high-calorie food that are also rich in healthy fats that can help you get the nutrition you need to gain weight.

Walnuts - Walnuts have high nutrition and are also high in fats and can give you a large amount of calories in a small serving size.

Banana - High in healthy fats and calories, bananas are also a nutrient-dense food that can help improve nutrition in people suffering unexplained weight loss.

Peanut Butter - Peanut butter contains all the nutrients you need to gain weight, including fats, carbohydrates, protein and minerals.

Creatine - Creatine is a substance naturally produced by the kidneys, liver and pancreas and the body stores its converted version (creatine phosphate) in muscle tissue. Supplementing with additional creatine helps to improve muscle mass production and promote weight gain.