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Natural Medicine for Bladder Problems

Bladder problems come in many forms and can affect both men and women. A variety of symptoms can occur in people with bladder problems ranging from mild to severe and acute to chronic. Bladder problems can affect your quality of life and cause embarrassment and emotional stress.

Natural medicine for bladder problems can help correct underlying causes and prevent symptoms from worsening.

About Bladder Problems

Bladder problems describe a group of different symptoms attributed to many possible underlying causes. Bladder problems can range from an overactive bladder to bladder infections to more severe conditions such as bladder cancer. Bladder problems are typically thought of as a condition that affects either young children who struggle with bedwetting, or elderly people who suffer incontinence.1

People with an overactive bladder have a sudden urge to urinate. They may feel they lack control over their bladder and will involuntarily lose urine. This often leads to feelings of embarrassment.1,2

Overactive bladder primarily affects older adults. As we age, it’s common to lose a certain amount of control over bladder function. Additionally, an overactive bladder may be the result of another underlying medical condition that occurs with aging.1

Possible causes of overactive bladder include:

  • Declining cognitive function—dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Taking certain medications
  • Diabetes
  • Neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis or having suffered a stroke
  • Enlarged prostate

Bladder problems can also be the result of a bladder or urinary tract infection. These occur when bacteria infect the urethra or bladder lining and cause the urge to urinate along with other symptoms such as painful urination and pelvic pain.

In more serious cases, bladder problems can be a sign of bladder stones or tumors. Bladder stones occur when minerals in urine harden and crystalize in the bladder. Bladder tumors may be caused by bladder cancer, which occurs when abnormal cells form within the tissues of the bladder.1

Bladder problems in children, such as bedwetting and daytime wetting, are often due to underdeveloped bathroom habits. These issues typically resolve over time and can be treated with many home remedies.

Depending on the underlying cause, you may experience the following bladder-related symptoms:

  • Feeling a loss of control over your bladder
  • Strong urge to urinate, even after just emptying
  • Painful urination
  • Frequent urination, more than 8 times per day
  • Urinating 2 or more times during the night

Depending on how severe your symptoms are, bladder problems may simply be a sign of aging. Or, bladder problems may indicate an underlying condition that needs treatment.

Top Natural Remedies for Bladder Problems

To help resolve symptoms, try these natural medicines for bladder problems:

Corn Silk - Corn silk is a traditional home remedy for urinary and bladder problems, particularly in bladder and urinary tract infections and for treating bedwetting.

Bladderwrack - Bladderwrack is a type of seaweed that is often used to target bladder tissues and can ease bladder problems such as infections and inflammation.

Horsetail - Horsetail is a traditional home remedy for treating urinary incontinence and other bladder-related conditions such as urinary tract infections and bladder stones.

Cleaver Herb - Cleaver is a natural diuretic that can induce urination in people suffering from kidney and bladder infections and inflammation.