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Most Effective Weight Loss Diet

With so much conflicting information about weight loss and what’s the best diet to follow to lose weight, many people become overwhelmed and give up. Here we’ll review the most effective weight loss diet options and foods to help you lose weight in a healthy, manageable way.

About Weight Loss

Many people are currently overweight, obese or at risk of becoming overweight, which increases their risk for cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. We all know that diet plays a key role in the ability to lose weight and keep it off. But most people are confused about what exactly to eat to lose weight.

There has been a lot of conflicting research within the past several decades about consuming fat and it leading to weight gain. However, new evidence suggests that some of the best diets for losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight are those based around high fats, whole foods and eliminating processed foods.1

While it’s still important to ensure you have a calorie-deficit when trying to lose weight—consuming fewer calories than you burn in a day—choosing the right kinds of foods is equally important. Combining the right diet with the right amount of exercise is still the foundational way to lose weight.1,2

Some of the most studied and potentially most effective weight loss diets include:1

  • Low-carb - Also known as the ketogenic diet, a low-carb diet requires you to drastically reduce the amount of glucose you eat such as from sugar and carbohydrates.
  • Low-fat - In a low-fat diet you reduce or eliminate high-caloric, processed foods that contain high levels of fats.
  • Mediterranean - The Mediterranean diet involves eating foods such as fish, poultry, olive oil and fruits and vegetables.
  • Vegan or vegetarian - Vegan diets cut out all foods that come from animals, while vegetarian diets usually refer to cutting out all meat.
  • Paleo - A paleo diet refers to cutting out grains and increasing the levels of fats and anti-inflammatory foods in your diet.

The right kind of diet depends on the person. The key to sustainable weight loss and weight management is implementing healthy habits that shift your lifestyle away from poor health choices and towards better, longer-term solutions that involve the foods you eat daily.

Top Foods for a Weight Loss Diet

To help supplement your healthy new food habits, you can also try the following products that help boost metabolism, increase weight loss or lower inflammation to support your weight loss goals:

Cucumber - Cucumber is a low-calorie food that helps reduce inflammation and supports weight loss diets.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Apple cider vinegar is a common weight loss supplement taken to help lose belly fat and decrease triglyceride levels.

Green Tea - Green tea has been studied for its metabolic-boosting properties to help burn fat and support weight loss.

Cabbage - Known as a weight loss supplement, cabbage has a high water content, which prevents the body from consuming too many calories.

Chia Seeds - Chia seeds are high in fiber. Adding chia seeds to your diet can help encourage greater weight loss by improving the body’s ability to eliminate fat and toxins.