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How to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Wrinkles are an inevitable fact of aging for most people. Over time, skin naturally loses its elasticity, leaving fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and neck.

Many people look to restore their youthful-looking skin by treating wrinkles with expensive products and treatments. But if you’re concerned about reducing the appearance of wrinkles, there are some effective natural remedies that can help.

About Wrinkles

Wrinkles develop over time as a result of the structure of the skin changing. In some people, skin begins to loosen and its overall firmness is reduced—especially in areas that undergo lots of movement, including around the eyes and mouth. Wrinkles also commonly develop on the forehead, neck and on the backs of the hands. 1

Aging is the biggest factor in developing wrinkles. However, some people start to notice fine lines and wrinkles early, while others preserve their youthful, firm skin much longer. What causes wrinkles is determined by several factors like:

  • Genetics—Certain genetic factors can cause more prominent wrinkles in people. Fair-skinned people are also more prone to wrinkles than darker skinned people.
  • Sun Damage—Over time, consistent and intense exposure to UV lights can break down skin collagen, causing those affected to develop wrinkles earlier.
  • Smoking—Toxins from cigarette smoke can also cause the skin to age more rapidly, leading to early development of wrinkles.

Dermatologists recommend developing a consistent skin care routine to prevent aging skin. Moisturizing daily, covering your face from UV light and wearing sunscreen are some of the basic ways to stave off wrinkles. Because smoking is a major contributor to wrinkles, quitting can significantly reduce your chances of early signs of aging and can help reverse skin damage.1

A healthy diet also contributes to healthier skin, as poor nutrition prevents you from getting the vitamins your skin needs to heal and nourish itself.

Top Natural Remedies for Wrinkles

The anti-aging market is massive and many people purchase expensive creams and serums to help prevent wrinkles and aging. But for those seeking a more natural approach, there are plenty of oils and other home remedies that work to nourish skin and increase firmness to prevent wrinkles.

Some of the top home remedies for wrinkles include:

  • Coconut Oil - As a natural moisturizer, coconut oil can nourish and hydrate skin, helping to prevent early signs of aging and wrinkles.
  • Olive Oil - Olive oil contains skin-nourishing vitamins that can help reverse skin damage and prevent wrinkles.
  • Flaxseed Oil - Flaxseed oil is a good source of essential fatty acids, which can help nourish damaged skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Honey - Using raw honey as a face mask can help to moisturize skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Cucumber - As a natural source of hydration, cucumber skin placed under the eyes regularly can help restore moisture and nourish wrinkled skin.

With a combination of proper skin care routines and natural wrinkle-fighting products, you can help keep your skin looking young and healthy with fewer signs of aging.