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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a natural condition that affect the skin and cause discolored lines to appear around the body. Though they are not painful, many people are self-conscious of their stretch marks and look for ways to minimize their appearance or get rid of them entirely. While sometimes stretch marks heal on their own over time, there are home remedies you can try to get rid of your stretch marks faster.

About Stretch Marks

Virtually everyone who has ever gained and lost weight during their lives will develop stretch marks. Stretch marks occur when the skin literally becomes stretched, causing the appearance of lines in the skin where it was most stretched.1,2

While typically stretch marks affect younger women, anyone can get them. Stretch marks especially affect pregnant women whose skin around their bellies becomes stretched. Stretch marks can also appear in women who have had breast augmentation surgery. Bodybuilders who build a large amount of muscle quickly can also experience stretch marks in certain places such as the shoulders and upper back.1,2

Certain factors may place you at a greater likelihood of developing stretch marks. Particularly, if you gain or lose weight rapidly, you may notice a greater appearance of stretch marks.1

In addition to risk factors for developing stretch marks, certain factors can affect how noticeable your stretch marks are:

  • Genetics—some skin is genetically more susceptible to stretching and leaving lines
  • How badly your skin was stretched and the amount of stress your skin underwent
  • Your levels of cortisone (a stress hormone) as high levels can weaken skin elastin

Different people develop stretch marks in different ways, and they don’t always look the same. The most common places to develop stretch marks include:

  • Tummy
  • Lower back
  • Thighs
  • Breasts
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Buttocks

In general, stretch marks can resemble the following:

  • Lines and streaks that indent the skin
  • Lines that are a different color than your skin tone
  • Bright colored marks that eventually turn a lighter color
  • Lines ranging in size from short to long

Stretch marks may appear in one area or multiple areas, depending on where you’re being affected. Over time, you may notice that your stretch marks fade and become less noticeable, as your skin has a chance to regain shape. However, rarely do stretch marks disappear entirely.1,2

Top Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks

Most people wish to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks to avoid embarrassment. If you’re wondering how to get rid of your stretch marks, then try the following remedies:

Aloe Vera - Aloe vera is a natural skin-restoring remedy that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Castor Oil - Castor oil can help repair the firmness of skin, shrinking stretch marks.

Lemon Juice - Using lemon juice as a natural exfoliant may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent them from worsening.

ASEA - ASEA is a redox product that helps to heal and tighten skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Coconut Oil - As one of the best skin remedies, coconut oil nourishes skin and can help it appear firmer, shrinking stretch marks.